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Shuttle notesは、70年以上にわたり織物の世界で培われた豊富な経験と技術を活かし、他にはないタイムレスなテキスタイルを創造する日本のブランドです。私たちは、高級ブランド向けの生地供給ビジネスと、最高品質のホワイトシャツ製品の開発・販売を通じて、B2BおよびB2Cの両方で活動しています。
Shuttle notesは、グローバルなブランド認知度を高め、世界中のお客様に選ばれるブランドへと育ってきました。私たちの使命は、「 最高の素材で、創造力を解き放つ。」時間を超えて愛され続ける、唯一無二のテキスタイルを提供することです。
About Shuttle notes - 
Shuttle notes is a Japanese brand that leverages over 70 years of experience and expertise in the world of woven textiles to create truly timeless fabrics. We operate in both B2B and B2C sectors through our fabric supply business for high-end brands and the development and sale of top-quality white shirt products.
At our core lies the highest quality cotton textiles. By merging traditional weaving techniques with the latest technology, we produce sophisticated fabrics that combine flexibility and durability. This is why prestigious brands worldwide trust us, and why our products attract attention in international markets.
Shuttle notes has grown to enhance global brand recognition and become a preferred brand for customers around the world. Our mission is to "unleash creativity with the finest materials." We strive to provide unique textiles that are loved across time.
We will continue to maintain our commitment to quality and provide products that satisfy our customers.
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